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Can't Log into Microsoft Account on the Switch



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      I can sign in on my PC and PS4 just fine but anytime I try to Sign in on the Switch it just fails or doesn't even try to connect. There is also no error message. The game just doesn't even attempt to sign in despite doing all it asks. 

      I initially went to "Sign in with a Microsoft Account" on the Main Menu of the game. It brought up one screen asking me where to save purchases, then it brings up the remote connect. I go to the site, input the code, then wait for it say it was successful and I can safely exit that menu. I back track from the menu only for it to bring up another remote connect code. Whenever I exit this one it just doesn't attempt to sign in, there isn't even the loading bars indicating it attempted to. 

      So now I repeat the process except instead of using the first code, I just exit and use the second code. Same thing. Same thing also happens when I input both codes. This still happens regardless of whether or not I clear my sign in account data or not. This still happens regardless of whether or not I use the "Sign in for Free!" from the Profile menu in the Settings.

      I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, deleted my games save data. Still the same thing. It just doesn't even try to sign in after successfully completing the remote connect. 

      My email is now spammed with microsoft login emails saying that someone logged in using my account and if it was me to safely ignore those emails. I get one for each attempt made and as far as the remote connect and emails tell me, each one was a success. However on the menu of the game itself, it still asks me to sign in with a microsoft account and I cannot access any of my purchases from the Minecraft Store since as far as the system is concerned, no Microsoft Account is logged in. 

      So at a loss as to what to do. 




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