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Dungeon generation broken in Caves and cliffs update



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      This is a persistent bug ever since caves and cliffs was introduced.

      This dungeon is famous on several content creator sites, blog posts, forum boards.

      Seed 1600331202
      Dungeon in a side by side double skeleton spawner just next to a slime chunk at y=47.
      The double spawner is next to a village which has a end portal fortress
      There was another single skeleton spawner about 4 chunks away at y=11 next to a lava pit.

      The double skeleton spawner has been present in game since before the Village and Pillage
      Update, it is a seed I use often.

      The first 3 images below will show the current release version as captured on my Android, but you can recreate on PS4, PS5, Windows 10, Android.. I do not have an Xbox (I have a PC) but since the seed generates on Windows 10 the same as PS5, I would assume it generates the same on Xbox consoles.

      To reproduce.. load game in current version 1.16.210 and create world using seed 1600331202. Go to x=1271 y=47 z= -485.

      Observe 2 skeleton spawner dungeon with 3 loot chests

      Update game to Beta Version

      Create world with same seed 1600331202

      Travel to same coordinates, observe dungeon does not generate, but is now completely solid stone or ores or other rock types.

      This can be reproduced on every device.

      Expected results, world/dungeon generation to remain consistent with newer updates, only enhanced by the caves and cliffs update.. temples, dungeons, villages, monuments, shipwrecks, etc should not be disrupted or destroyed by world generation of future updates, only enhanced or blended in during generation.

      Current observation.. dungeons and cave area is destroyed by new world generation mechanics no matter if cave and cliffs toggle is enabled or not. Can be reproduced in Survival and Creative modes.

      Below is first 3 images as current release 1.16.210
      The second set of 4 images is from Beta.


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