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No cave generation in any world



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      (I have the caves and cliffs option on)
      After the last 2 updates I have had a huge problem with caves not showing in any of my worlds. I have unsubscribed and uninstalled but still have no luck in having cave entrances or any cave holes or caverns at all I would either have to dig in hopes to find a super small cave maybe or nothing at all this makes me very dissatisfied especially it being a caves and cliff update. I play Xbox bedrock edition and I came experience the caves and cliffs if no caves spawn in any of the new worlds I make. I have generated many worlds and scout the area before I get started even going thousands of blocks to look for a single cave opening or drop but nothing. I see areas which look like a cave would be but it’s all blocked up like it was supposed to be there but it’ll just be like a huge wall blocked up and if I dig there nothing is there. So please fix this soon I really want to experience the beta updates..


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