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Sticky piston at does not work at Y coordinate 1 or 0



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      I've found this bug since version 1.16.201 but i thought it would be fixed.

      What happens is that if you place sticky pistons on Y coordinate 1 or 0 and power it it functions normally but when it is unpowered, it doesnt attract the block back.

      I thought all sticky pistons are wrong and i tested it on Y coordinate 3 but it still works.

      I also thought it was because of bedrock or the void.

      But it wasnt either. You can see what i mean in the pictures below.

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Place a sticky piston at Y coordinate 1 or 0(Note:I'm in a flat world and creative mode)

      • Power the sticky piston with ANY redstone source.

      • Unpower the sticky piston and you will see the block not attracting again

      Observed outcome:

      The sticky piston does not retract again

      Expected outcome:

      The sticky piston must retract the block

      Explanation of the pictures:

      Pic 1 and 2: Sticky piston fully functioning on Y coordinate 3

      Pic 3,4 and 5: Sticky piston not working on Y coordinate 1 and on bedrock

      Puc 6,7 and 8: Sticky piston also not working on Y coordinate 1 and on quartz brick(You can use any othee blocks)


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