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Worlds are not syncing to cloud



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      I have four XBox One consoles in my home. Three are connected by wired network, and one by wireless. I have noticed over the past few days that after saving from the machine connected via wireless that my world is not getting updated.

      Yesterday, I put several hours into the game on one of the wired consoles. Later that evening, I switched to another wired console upstairs. The world was up to date when I logged in and started. Before going to sleep, I switched to the console connected via wireless in the bedroom. When I logged on, the world was up to date. I played for only about 5 minutes to test my theory that the world is not getting updated when I save my world over the wireless connected XBox. 

      This morning, when I logged into the wired console on the bottom floor of my home, the world was not updated. This means that a change of less than 100 blocks was unable to update overnight from my wireless console.

      I had already lost three hours of play time due to this same issue the day before. Now, it is happening again. Is there some kind of way to force a sync TO and FROM the cloud when the game starts?

      I have seen forums where other players that have experienced these issues are writing about them, yet you don't seem to have a solution.

      Oh, and yes, I even tried to delete the saved games locally, but even after doing that, the same game showed up on my console. It is not syncing to or from the cloud correctly.




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