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Haste does not increase mining speed.


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      haste and haste 2 doesn't work on my xbox one in a realms server, i'm using the full beacon with 164 emerald blocks, i have fed the beacon both emeralds and diamonds, all other primary abilities work just not haste 2 


      to clarify, i have built the beacon 9x9 7x7 5x5 3x3 with beacon in the middle unobstructed, the blocks used are emerald blocks, it’s a solid beacon, when haste ii is selected and a emerald is used fed into the beacon, haste ii icon is shown on the right of the screen and the particle show around my character. i am mining stone 15 blocks away with a netherite pic with efficiency 5. there is no effect from the beacon at all it is just as slow as when not active. 



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