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bug with signing into microsoft account on switch



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      i bought bedrock edition for the switch and since i have got the game it won't let me log in. i know it is not a problem with my microsoft account despite it telling me it is because i can log in on pocket edition and xbox one (i have logged in and out on these to test this). it tells me to put a code into https://aka.ms/remoteconnect and it will not take me anywhere. the website tells me i should be logged in but it doesn't sync with the switch. i've reset my wifi on the console so it's not a connection problem. i have reset game data multiple times both on the game cartridge and on switch settings, cleared account and sign in data, and tried to use every sign in section i can find in the settings. i can use the game using my nintendo account however i purchased bedrock so i could play cross platform with my friends and i'm a bit disheartened that i spent all that money for me not to be able to use it for what i wanted to. i've been playing minecraft for around 8 years and have never had this problem before and have owned it on every console including another switch. i contacted mojang support and was told this was a bug and to report it on here. 




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