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X or X view bobbing sways in the opposite direction of Z+ or Z


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      I also know that the view bobbing broke from 1.13 and the X or -X sway was fixed in 1.14.1, but now the X or -X view bobbing sways in the opposite direction to the Z+ or Z.
      Due to that, the shaking in some directions does not work properly(MCPE-54645).

      ~ FILE ~

      Minecraft 2021-02-19 02-08-30.mp4 = +X & -X(Broken)

      Minecraft 2021-02-19 02-06-58.mp4 = +Z & -Z(Normal?)


      03/26/2021: Please do not trust the name of the direction written on the sign. I made a mistake.


      (It is not a duplicate of MCPE-56214 and MCPE-54645)

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