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Patrol pillagers do not consistently attack


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    • 1.19.10
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      Steps to reproduce

      1. In creative mode, wait for a pillager patrol to spawn naturally.
      2. Spawn a villager near the pillagers.

      Expected result

      The pillagers attack the villager.

      Actual result

      Results vary!

      • Sometimes the pillagers attack the villager.
      • Sometimes the pillagers load their crossbows then aim at the villager and freeze.
      • Sometimes the pillagers ignore the villager.


      It is possible to reproduce this in survival with the pillagers targeting the player, but it's easier to do with villagers in creative.

      Test world

      The attached test world contains a repeating command block that teleports all pillagers to a central spot for testing. The command block can be turned on or off with the lever to allow the pillagers to stand on their own 2 feet. The named pillager captain already present had spawned naturally and had previously attacked villagers and wandering traders that were then killed by the player. The pillager's shooting range is roughly marked out with stone.

      Original summary
      Pillager followers don't attack until it goes far away
      Original description
      vindicator patrol captain attacks a villager but the pillager will not attack if its not far away to attack the villager, pillagers have issues with behavior when its following a vindicator captain however pillager still charges its crossbow when a villager is nearby since vindicators don't look at villagers unlike pillagers does.

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