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Water Logging A Flower Pot Can Create "Ghost Water"


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      Placing a water bucket directly onto a flower pot with anything in it, will cause the item to pop out of the pot, and the water to become "ghost water". If you don't click directly onto the pot, this will not happen and it will behave like a normal water logged block.

      How to reproduce
      1. click directly on a flowerpot (must have something in it) with a water bucket
      2. Water will pop out the item
      3. break the block below the flower pot

      You now have ghost water that you cannot drown in, and will dissuader on relog.

      Expected results
      Water should behave in the same way it does when you water log a flower pot without directly clicking on the flower pot.

      Video demo: https://youtu.be/Hwq_V_FQhmo?t=68

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