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Chunk Loading Slow In Multiplayer, Sound Delay And Loading To Open Pause Menu/Text/Openable Blocks On Multiplayer



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Duplicate
    • Affects Version/s: 1.16.201 Hotfix
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      After The Nether Update.. I've Been Expecting A Lot Of Issues During This New Update Even Hot Fixes Too... But Today I Need To Focus On The Topic I Needed So Bad To Fix It That Is Sound Delay ,Chunk Loading So Slow And Loading System Whenever Open Text/ Openable Blocks Like Chests / Pause Menu On Multiplayer..

      I've Been Playing Minecraft Using Data Connection.. But Before The 1.16 Update The Chunks Load Totally Fine And The Sound Doesn't Delay Same Goes To Loading System Loads Fine..But If Your Asking I Should Use Wifi.. Well I Tried With The Wifi And It Still Has The Same Issues Which Is Chunk Load Really Slow And Sound Delay But The Loading System Is Pretty Okay But Still Need To Fix It For More Improvement.

      P.S: I Tried Increase My Chunks Render To Max Still Has The Same Issues So It Has No Difference Between Lowering Or Increasing The Chunks Rendering.

      About The Chunk Load Issues

      • The Chunk Load So Slow It Took Up More Than 1-5 Seconds Sometimes It Can Load Up 40 Seconds Or 1 Minute.
      • It Only Affects On Multiplayer More Than Single-player
      • Lower Or Max Out The Render Distance Still Have No Difference¬†

      About Sound Delay Issues

      • The Sound Delay Affects On Both Mode, Multiplayer And Single-Player
      • The Delay Took Too Long, For Example Whenever I Hit An Animal The Sound Doesn't Goes Off After 5 Seconds It Goes Off Which Took Too Long**

      About Loading System Issues ( Openable Blocks / Text / Pause Menu )

      • The Loading Issues May Occur On Data Connection But It Never Happen On Old Versions Like 1.15 Below..Sometimes It Can Be Affect With Wifi Too
      • The Loading Issues Can Be Load More Than 1 Minute Sometimes But Mostly It Only Occur More Than 5-20 Seconds



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