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MOBs/Entities Disassociated with Graphical Representation (Skin Exists but Entity is Invisible and Elsewhere)


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      MOBs become disassociated with their skin. For example, I see it quite often when villagers are sleeping in their beds, their skins show up outside the home (sometimes the skin just flies away, see attached video) and their bed but when I go sleep in their bed they suddenly reappear. Another example is a Zombie may be visible but when I try to hit it with a sword it does not affect the visible Zombie and I am later attacked by an invisible Zombie. Another example is that we have a mine cart system that picks up loot and deposits the loot into chests. At times the mine carts appear to just stop traveling around the track 

      One item of note is this is a world that was brought over from the XBOX version of Minecraft and converted to bedrock.

      Steps to Recreate

      I can  recreate the issue by simply waiting until night time and then going out to my village to see how the villagers are sleeping. If they appear like the screenshot I sent, the system is glitching. Saving, exiting and the reentering the game clears it up for a time.

      Links to Examples (I could not upload due to errors)

      Link to screenshot of villagers: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhUEfQqGa3Z3ieAOW8mGAqebtTCVMg?e=zM91nV

      Link to video: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AhUEfQqGa3Z3ieAPbgFP3BzzRbS18g?e=pZKkBN

      What I have tried

      I have downloaded the world locally and played to see if it was specific to the realm but the issue still occurred. We have tried on multiple XBOX consoles and windows machines, still the issue persists.




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