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Mobs and other entities freeze and start to move around invisibly


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    • Beta, 1.16.200
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      Just as the title says, some mobs are invisible. I'm working on on open space (garden build) and I have encountered this phenomenon twice. However, a majority of other mods still are visible. I killed both and it dropped pork chops so bother instances were pigs.

      This issue is believed to be fixed in the latest Beta release

      The developers have already implemented a fix for this problem (and others) in the latest Beta release. It is hoped that they'll be able to migrate the fix into the regular release soon, though no specific date can be given.

      In the meantime, additional reports of this issue in 1.16.100 or 1.16.101 are not needed...because the problem has already been fixed. You're just experiencing continued issues because you don't have the fixed version yet.

      Of course, if you still have this problem in a Beta version, that's different, because it means the new fix is incomplete or doesn't work. In that case, please leave a comment telling us about it.

      Additional information by Auldrick:
      These issues do not seem to be limited to mobs; they have been reported for some other kinds of entities as well, such as arrows and boats.

      Summary of information from duplicate reports:
      • Many kind of mobs attested: pig, sheep, baby zombie, creeper, zombie, hoglin, and more.
      • Mobs split into a visible, frozen "statue" and an invisible, normal acting "ghost".
      • The statue cannot be interacted with and is invulnerable. It has been reported that the ghost is also invulnerable, but this is not confirmed.
      • Mobs are invisible to player but cast shadow The statue casts a shadow, the ghost mob doesn't.
      • The mob does not split for other players. They see a normal mob where the first player observes the ghost.
      • Mobs make no sound. I believe this intended to mean the ghosts make no sound.
      • Shield defense is effective against the ghost.
      • MCPE-102711 in particular hints that it may be the player position that is desynchronized between server and client, rather than the mob position

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