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My villagers are laying over dead, my minecart stops moving, and any entity stops moving.


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      I first noticed problems when my minecart stopped while moving on rails. It would stop and I couldn't budge it to keep going, I had to restart my game. I started to thing it was a weird "minecart between chuncks" things, but it stopped in random spots each time. Then I thought maybe its a weird thing with spawning zones because a minecart is an entity, but that didn't seem to be right either. Later I realized all entities were stopping like this. But villagers were different. I'll be minding my own business when all of a sudden my villagers will lay over on the ground (like they do when they're sleeping) and just stay there, I can't budge them or anything. It does the same to my dogs, they were eating a lama and then it just stopped and nothing moved, not even a lead attached to a wandering trader moved.

            Chileman Joe Henck
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