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Mobs randomly disappearing


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      in one world i had i went tp sleep and when i woke up half of my farm animals disappeared. it was after the new update, i dont remember which one but it was when the mojang loading screen was changed to pink.

      it made me mad so i created a new world. i wasn't experiencing the issue at first, but some of my pandas i had also disappeared. they had name tags on them so i know they couldnt have despawned. I dont allow players to just join my world they need an invite first so i know no one couldve joined and killed them.

      i have two cured zombie villagers blocked off in a room. no way for them to escape. one of them just disappeared. i watched the second one when he tried to go to bed he also dissapeared. i turned around and saw something in the ground. i dug it up and the the second villager laying down as if it was sleeping in a bed. i tried to hit it but it didnt do anything. when day came he got up and teleported back into the room he was in as if he was sleeping in his bed. still dont know what happened to the first one.

      also i dont know if the version i picked was the correct one or not. my ps says the newest update was a version 2.18 update file


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