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      Hello, I'm Mitch. I'm an OG Minecrafter. My very first MC I ever played was MCPE version 0.8.0. way back in the day. Lol
      Anyway, back to the issue I'm having. So my current MC is Minecraft bedrock edition on the Ps4. I'm sending this issue from my mobile phone (android).
      So the issue itself is that my mobs keeps freezing up. This is on the latest version by the way, version 1.16.100. The mobs that I'm dealing with keeps getting stuck in place. No matter if it's animals or Villagers. (Not sure about hostile mobs) I am on a Trophy Survival world, and setting up my own farms and whatnot. When I'm handling my farm animals, I notice some of them get stuck in place and cannot move. Sheep, Cows, Rabbits, Chickens, you name it. If I hit them, nothing happens-they don't seem to take damage. If I break the block underneath them, they still remain stuck-floating in mid-air. While this happens, the other mobs are just fine. So let's say 2 sheep freezes in place; the other sheep are perfectly fine.
      It keeps happening to my villagers in my village breeder, and it's extremely annoying, as you of course know how DIFFICULT it is to move villagers around...
      Eventually the mobs go back to normal again, but the freezing bug happens so frequently that it seriously affects my gaming experience and ability to get any work done.
      If you can please fix this it'd be much appreciated!

      I'm not sure a snapshot would accurately show this issue as its happening. (Because obviously mobs standing still (frozen) in a still image and

      P.S. The only thing that seems to give an immediate (yet temporary) fix to this issue, is exiting and reentering the world, but again, it's temporary.


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