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      during this update I've been having a lot of problems.

      1. When villagers sleep at night they just fly off the screen and just appear on the floor or floating in the air some where.
      2. When playing in an area for a short while all the mobs in the area will start to to freeze. They are still moving but appear on the screen frozen so when you interact with the frozen mob it does nothing. you can also be struck by a mob and never see where it is unless you save and leave the game. 
      3. When selling villagers items the next level will item will be unavailable to sell unless you leave the game and re-enter. If you level a farmer to lvl 2 products, he will not take them unless you leave the game and come back in.

      With the bugs above Minecraft has almost become unplayable at times as mobs will be damaging me and I can never see them or say shearing sheep, milking cows exc .. becomes really hard to do as the mobs freeze and are not at the location they are frozen. I have uninstalled Minecraft and re-installed and all the bugs above still persist. 

            Animenia77 Andrew Mackarevitz
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