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Entity Desync causing visual freezing



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      I noticed that ever since the hotfix (which is also where we switched from playing treating my my tablet as a server to playing via my GF's computer since the load had risen significantly), We're playing on the PS4 versions, connecting to her computer as an attempted "dedicated server," and we're both having issues where mobs and even each other can desync in such a way that it freezes mobs (or at least, appears to).


      With the boat, for example, i can get in the boat, i can try to move, but i end up not going anywhere. Sometimes i can punch my boat to destroy it and placing it again fixes it. Sometimes that doesn't work, because the collision box appears to leave the location. When this happens with things like guardians, the attack continues to appear from where it is visually, even if attacking that location does not 'cause a reaction.


      Oddly enough, I had a battle with a hoglin, where the hoglin's body stayed in place, it was attacking and killing me, but i wasn't able to attack it's invisible body, despite it following me around. When i went to where it visually was, and attacked, i was able to kill it, showing inconsistencies on how desync is handled.


      A temporary fix seems to be getting far enough away from the chunk. Getting far enough that the chunk is actually unloaded does not seem to be necessary, however: i've had my bees stuck in place (i have 2 stuck on leads due to other issues with bees(, and as i went far enough from them, suddenly i saw them moving again without making any advance towards them.


      If i knew more information, perhaps i would be marking this as two (or more) separate bugs that manifest similarly, due to how they differ slightly.


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