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      My minecraft is at version 2.18. There wasnt an option to pick that in the above “version” drop box. My seed is 847159189. I have a village in the biome with all of the acacia trees and the llamas (I forgot the name of the biome). Periodically, yet without fail, every time I log onC there will be at least one mob that starts beating me up. But the mob is invisible. If it’s night time and it happens, I’ll run in my house, sleep, then I’ll run outside to hear a zombie burning and then rotten flesh appear out of nowhere. This invisible mob issue follows me everywhere. Whether it be in my house, outside of my house, or WHILE IM IN A CAVE MINING NEAR LAVA. Thankfully, I haven’t died yet, for my skurting-skills are pretty nice. But there has been too many close calls, and I want to know if there is a solution for what I’m experiencing. No, I’m not bluffing. Nor do I believe in herobrine, but from invisible zombies, to invisible witches throwing poison potions at me, to INVISIBLE CREEPERS EXPLODING NEAR MY HOUSE. I can’t catch a break. I use an Ethernet cable so it’s not my wifi. PLEASE someone help me ASAP. It’s also important for me to add that I don’t use mods. None. Not even a texture pack. 


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