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Villagers vanished from their rooms, but their profession blocks still light up. I see particles lighting up at a distance from a profession block, like the villager was there, but it's invisible.



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      I have a villager trade hall on my Minecraft Realm, and everything at first was normal. The villagers were all in there rooms working with their profession blocks, until I came sometime later, to trade with the cartographer. I noticed that the cartographer disappeared, along with some librarians and the farmer. I couldn't find them anywhere, but when I break and replace the cartography table, it still gives off the green particles, as if the villager has accepted the profession. The rooms were designed so that the villagers couldn't escape, but I know that there is a bug, where cats and other entities can push villagers through walls, but to fix that I always leave the Realm, and log back on. I left and relogged multiple times, but this time, it didn't work. The cartographer villager was still gone, along with some librarians, and the farmer. Also, I noticed some green particles to the right of the composter, like if the farmer villager was there, but all I see is the green particles, and not the villager itself. It somehow became invisible. Link to the footage here: https://medal.tv/clips/37673336/d1337wK9CwYn


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