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      this is the first time that i can capture the moment when the bug is happening, the bug is a random mob i've seen it happen with zombie and spider this time with the pig of the nether that for some reason i don't know if it has to do with it already been generated that way but in this case we don’t interact with it, the mob is invisible or is already generated like that, only the 3d model of the mob remains but you can’t interact with it (attack or be attacked) with the 3d model fixed on the ground, you can't put blocks on it or kill it, but the problem is the invisible mobs that attack and kill us without us seeing, I already made a straight path and started hitting in all directions but I couldn't hit the mob, so i was sure when to take damage repeatedly i know it is an invisible and indestructible mob, so just run or leave the game, in this case in printscreen the mob was fixed on the floor and i couldn’t see but another player did, I was told that there was a pig near me and I started looking for but I can't find until I realized it was the bug, I was not attacked this time because it was just the 3d model of the mob (I think), I was playing in the realm without any mod (I'm not sure if the bug happens only in the realm).


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