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Disappearing villagers while AFK



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      I was in my underground bunker with my 10 villagers and then I went to get a snack. 20 minutes later I was still there in the bunker with the villagers but there were only 3. There’s no possible way of dying or escaping as I have tested all possible methods of escape and none are accessible for a villager.

      Then after I finish writing the first part I have 4 more villagers that I thought despawned a while ago and they still have master level status. I watched and waited for a little while and saw 2 doors open and close with not a single entity or invisibility particles near the 2 doors. I also saw that the 3 cats that automatically spawned, because I had a lot of villagers in one place were frozen, 2 took damage but no knockback and the other I couldn’t hit at all. When it got to night time 2 were sleeping on beds, but 2 were laying on the ground sleeping at weird angles, 2 weren’t sleeping and just standing there taking no knockback even though there were 11 more beds there, and the cleric was sleeping on his brewing stand. And as I’m writing this 2 more have disappeared and the rest are frozen, but still showing green pluses and angry storm clouds. Help is appreciated, thanks.
      p.s. I wrote a post about a similar issue earlier and it said the issue had been resolved.




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