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Mobs invisible or visible but not able to interact.



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    • 1.16.100
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      I have experienced two times where a mob (pig) was visible and making directional noises but not moving and I couldn't hit or kill it. This was kinda creepy. The Mob was there until I went a certain distance from it when it despawned. (I think). Herobrine returning as a pig ???

      I was also building my 500+ block railway track to complete an achievement and when completed it I began construction on a detour to my mine. I then experienced getting attacked by a invisible mob. This was very frustrating as I have seen and dealt with mobs under an invisibility potion but they have the bubble things coming off them so you can at least kinda see them to kill them. This time had no animations and eventually it just disappeared. (After about 5 minutes of getting attacked and quite a few golden carrots to replenish my health. These are the only bugs apart from the TOPS OF CLOUDS NOT BEING VISIBLE since I updated to 1.16.100.

      Edit: I also just remembered another bug is every now and then my boots cant be taken off. Not a big deal as I just save and quit and reload my world but is kinda annoying.

      I do have video footage of the pig but i doubt it will help you. Please contact me if you want the footage.

      Thanks for all the hard work and I am looking forward to the many changes the Cave and Cliffs update will bring.

      I have been playing this world for 5+ years so very excited for new things to collect and do. 


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