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Unable to sign in on Amazon Fire Kids profile


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      Trying to login to my sons Xbox account in Minecraft on his Fire Tablet and it just sits on "Signing in with your Microsoft Account" popup but never brings up the Microsoft Xbox page to actually try and sign in.

      Swapping to a normal profile and it works fine. This has worked fine before as my son an daughter have both been signed in on their tablets through child profiles for months no problem at all.

      I've tried adding a new child profile to see if that would work and it doesn't. I've also added my daughters profile (which is still working fine on her tablet) to my sons tablet an when I've downloaded minecraft on her profile and done the same it still never brings up the MS login screen.

      It appears to be an issue with logging in when on a child profile from what I can tell.

            Roostlick Russ Ball
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