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Can not sign in in Amazon Freetime


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      It appears that for most users this issue is due to the Amazon device's default permissions settings for child accounts. In order for Minecraft to sign in and access user data, you will need to allow storage for Minecraft. From this comment:

      You need to be logged into the child's account. Drag down from the top and click the cog for settings and then put in your PIN. Then click Manage Storage - Internal Storage - Apps & Games - Minecraft. Then click on Permissions and toggle that setting to on.

      This permission may also need to be enabled from the adult profile's settings for the child's account. Please comment below if allowing storage does not resolve the issue for you.

      Also, you can find some more detailed steps with images at the Microsoft help forum.

      When in child's profile in Amazon Freetime, it gets stuck on "Signing in with your Microsoft Account" and never moves past that. , if I finally hit "cancel" it says "We tried to sign you in with your Microsoft account but something went wrong."

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