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      I find it ironic it asks for a screenshot if the problem is that I couldn't see it. Invisible zombie! I was walking around (in enchanted netherite helmet, leggings and boots) and then I heard a zombie growl, so I was looking for it thinking it was under my slabs. I heard the sound of a zombie burning (I had fire nearby and it was nighttime) and then I got punched by seemingly nothing dealing 1.5 hearts every time. I punched around me with my fist, hearing it took damage. But I saw my health was pretty low (4 hearts) so I quickly left the game to think of a strategy. I made a copy of my survival world and thought I might be able to fight it off, but to my great disappointment, once the world was loaded I spawned at my bed with nothing on me. When I got back my stuff laid all over the place, but no sign of the zombie. No sound, nothing. I picked up my stuff and the zombie apparently just vanished. I was spooked to the bone by this. Har har real funny minecraft...


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