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Amazon FreeTime cannot sign in


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      Daughter, while playing MCPE in Amazon FreeTime, started having it glitch and slow down to point that she was on seeing every few frames.  16 GB of free space.

      She quit out.

      Removed from device.

      Downloaded again.

      Then the profile was Steve.

      When she clicked Sign in it brought up the sign in box and sat like that for 45 minutes.

      She finally clicked cancel.

      Now when she clicks sign it a window blinks up and says there was a problem signing in to Microsoft account.

      Tried going into settings and the Clear Sign In Data doesnt appear to do anything as the same failed to sign window opens.

      When I move to the Parent account on the Fire tablet, MCPE signs in with no issue,transitioning to the Xbox sign in, taking info, and loading account.

      Please help

            Alyxikakos Joshua Kendrick
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