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Extreme amounts of lag when damaging blocks or mobs and placing blocks and sound loss and taking forever to join a world



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.16.100
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      recently I have been addicted to playing minecraft but ever since the update 1.16.100 I have some complaints I consider myself an expert in minecraft ive been playing for 2 years almost 3 and never have i experienced such lag in any of the worlds ive played heck it dosent take long for me to find diamonds but these bugs ive ran into have caused problematic issues that i would like to have fixed recently ive ran into ridiculous amounts of lag that keeps from wanting to play a certain world not to mention a full blown 15-30 minutes just to join a world when for me it only takes 1-3 minutes  to join a world heck my brother wanted to join my world based of a oceanic survival challenge and it took him an hour and by then I got off the world ive also bummbed into a loss of sound whenever I break blocks or hit mobs not to mention loss of block placement which actually kills me if I'm in the nether cause ill fall in lava when I'm making bridge the game does register the block placement and there's also a problem with crops and the use of bonemeal it would take one tap on the screen to use bonemeal but with all the lag I have tap the screen like 6 times to use one bonemeal and crops take an hour to grow an inch which is problematic if that player decides to be a vegetarian and has nothing else to eat on them or their inventory  down below it took 15 minutes just to join a world and sometimes it won't join at all please fix these problematic bugs


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