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query.armor_color_slot crashes the game when used in resource packs


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    • Beta, 1.17.30
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      Description: The query.armor_color_slot query, when used in any animation, entity file, render controller, etc outside of vanilla instances, will immediately crash the game when a player uses a resource pack with it and attempts to load into a world. This has been an issue since and made its way to the full release. This needs to be fixed asap!

      Below I have attached a sample resource pack to showcase the bug. I added an overlay color to the alpha channel set to return a value based on this query. Another instance in which I used it in the sample resource pack is to tell a cape render controller to render from the player entity file

      Expected Results: using the query.armor_color_slot query with its additional arguments works properly in resource packs. It worked fine in 1.16.40.

      Actual Results: any instance in which query.armor_color_slot is used in a resource pack, the game immediately hard crashes.

      This seems to be fixed in the beta, but NOT the beta.
      Nevermind, it happens in both betas.

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