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[iPad] Stuck on "Generating World" (all locally saved worlds)


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      Lower render distance to its minimum value, open a world, then set render distance back to where you want it.

      You may also try this (from comment):

      I have found a fix for this issue and it seems to currently be working. What I have done is found out accidentally is that when you load a world and wait until after the bar disappears, press the home button once(on ios) and the just open the app again. What you should see now is the game loading like it is when you first open it and then it should bring you straight into your world. You can try this to see if it works but I have tested it many times with different scenarios to see if it kept working and it did.

      When I load Minecraft and click play and click on one of my worlds it loads the green line but when the green line ges to the end it won’t load in the world it would just stay on the writing gets stuck on the screen where the writing screen  and it’s all my worlds 

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