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Unicode Doesnt Load (UTF-16)


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      Summary :
      On the latest beta : 1.16.200. There's new problem, Unicode doesnt work on Add-On. Usually Minecraft use ASCII or UTF-8 but most of my addon use UTF-16 to prevent code stealing.. even though its easy to decode it, but worth a try.
      On UTF16, every alphabet dechipered as Unicode values. for example :
      a = +0061 or \u0061
      In Earlier version :, the unicode add-on still working finely until the 1.16.200 comes.. It breaks most of my geometry model that based on UTF-16 and it wont load even though there's no problem on the content log.

      Step To Reproduce :
      1. Download any Addon
      2. Unpack the Addon using Winrar, Zip, or 7z
      3. Convert any .json files to Unicode using this converter
      4. Save it and repack the Addon to .mcpack
      5. load the unicoded pack into Minecraft
      6. Set the pack at the global resources for better result (for Texture Pack)

      Expected Result :
      Add-On component got loaded
      Geometry based entity appear as intended

      Actual Result ;
      Geometry based model NOT loaded and appear blank
      Add-On component NOT working as it should

      Update :
      Content Log now showing : "Skeletal Hierarchy Index that was missing."

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