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Xbox - Character creator/marketplace doesn’t work - fails to load in and may show check internet connection message


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      The character creator and the marketplace is broken for me. When I try to create/edit a skin and I open a customization category (e.g. Base, Eyes, Hair, Top, Bottom, etc.) the only thing that loads are the Steve and Alex items, for example in Base it just shows the Alex base and Steve base. Some categories do load but not always.


      For example right now Outerwear and Headwear loads all the cosmetic items but yesterday they didn’t. The Marketplace also does not open, it gives me an error saying “We’re unable to connect to the Marketplace. Maybe check your internet connection?”. My internet works fine on my Xbox, I even tried to open the Marketplace/edit skins on my computer and the same glitch happens. I’ve reinstalled Minecraft on my Xbox and my computer and also signed in and out. Is there any reason this is happening or a way to fix it? Thanks.

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