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Invisible Drowned (maybe invincible)



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      I was trying to go to bed when I heard noises of a Drowned outside my home.  I looked from my roof; didn't see anything.  Then the door started banging (Drowned trying to break in) and I jumped off my roof to get to the door, but there was nothing there, then I died after two hits.  I was only wearing leather armour and I could hear a trident being thrown.  I eventually found a Drowned in full leather armour (probably from my dead bod) and wielding a trident underwater.  I tried to hit it, but it wasn't registering as hits, and that's when a trident hit me from behind.

      I eventually realized this thing was glitched so that it's body was standing in one spot underwater while it's real body was somewhere else pelting me with tridents.  I tried to estimate its location by finding out where the tridents were being thrown from, but this didn't work.  Before I went after it I did notice that a Skeleton was fighting it (likely after getting hit by trident), and I did see the Drowned take some damage.  I took clips of it on Xbox One so I will try to upload some shots and clips, otherwise my gamertag is Rdy4fn13


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