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Grass and flowers generates on sand and gravel (after a while, it breaks)


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      What's happening.

      When playing on a new seed or exploring never seen chunks grass, flowers genenerates on sand near bodies of water (e.g. Lakes, oceans, puddles, e.t.c.).


      When I was playing on a new seed that I had created I was walking next to a lake and wondering how I got seeds and flowers in my inventory, then I saw in the distance that grass was generating on the sand and after a while popping of into seeds.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Walk into never been explored chunks near lakes or bodies of water.
      2. See grass generating on the sand.
      3. Wait a while (5 minutes).
      4. Grass breaks, and seed pops out.

      Seed from Skaijie

      Seed: 826991526
      Coordinates: /tp @s 47 63 32 -90 45

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