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With local world get "Unable to connect to world, please check your internet and try again".


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    • 1.17.11 Hotfix, 1.16.220, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, 1.16.100, 1.16.101 Hotfix, 1.16.200, 1.16.201 Hotfix, 1.16.210, 1.16.221 Hotfix, 1.17.2 Hotfix, 1.17.41 Hotfix
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      Per comment from kiizde Mojang have been unable to reproduce this issue internally so they are asking for a copy of an affected world. If you have a world that is > 10 MB you may upload it to a file sharing site like onedrive, googledrive, etc. and share the link in a comment.

      Trying to open any world or create a world brings up the "cannot connect to world" error despite the world being on device.

      According to duplicate reports, this happens when the "Multiplayer Game" option is enabled.

      Affected platforms (from duplicate reports):

      • Android
      • iOS
      • Windows 10
      • PlayStation 4
      • Xbox One

      Keywords for search: offline online wifi singleplayer connection message

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