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Some languages ​​(translations) do not obey Mojang's "untranslatable" rule


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      In minecraft, mojang has set translation rules for some words. Therefore, some words should not be translated (they are simply translated using transliteration, keeping the original sound). But in minecraft dungeons in some languages, they nevertheless decided to translate some words from this list.

      Minecraft glossary: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xxDvR2MrPUaxXwNfn-oJX-fBerEsZkfo/edit#gid=810030519

      For example, translated in Russian:

      Original name - Current translation to minecraft dungeons - Expected translation

      End - Край - Энд
      Enderman - Странник края - Эндермен
      Nether - Нижний мир - Незер

      Translated in Polish:

      End - Kres - End

      • these are the main words, they are used in items, on the map and in the game itself...
      • possibly other languages as well as words are affected

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Enter the game.
      2. With the help of items, signs on the map and other clues, find out the translation of such "untranslatable" words as "Nether", "End"...

      Observed results:

      The words were simply translated.

      Expected results:

      Words like "Nether" and "End" have been translated using transliteration ("keeping the original sound of words").

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