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Some languages ​​(translations) do not obey Mojang's "untranslatable" rule


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      In minecraft, mojang installs "untranslatable" items. But in the bedrock version in some languages, subjects are still translated.

      Source: Official Mojang translation glossary (you can find a link in the Crowdin discord server for minecraft translation https://discord.gg/KjfhBXE3aM in the #resources channel).

      "A Minecraft glossary word.
      Should not be translated (but can be transliterated / transcribed)."

      In newer versions, this problem breaks vanilla parity. And also two completely different translations in the same game do not look very good.

      An example of translation errors in the game (these are just examples, in fact there are quite a few words):

      Russian language

      Странник края : Enderman (Edge Wanderer)

      Пыль красного камня : Redstone (Redstone dust)

      Край : End (Edge)

      Нижний мир : Nether (Lower world)

      Polish language

      Pył czerwienitu : Redstone (Red dust)

      Slovenian language

      Koniec sveta : End (End of the World)

      Also more examples of errors:



      Mentioned in:


      Table with translated items in Russian (full list):
      Updated 11/23/2022

      Item in English Item in Russian
      (at the moment)
      Item in Java edition
      in Russian (suggested translation)
      Spawn Wither Создать иссушителя Создать визера
      Spawn Ender Dragon Создать дракона Края Создать Эндер-дракона
      Redstone Lamp Лампа из красного камня Редстоуновый фонарь
      End Portal Frame Рамка портала Края Рамка портала в Энд


      Words from the table (in Russian) partially fixed:

      Original Current translation Translation into java edition
      (suggested translation)
      Redstone Красный камень Редстоун
      Netherrack Камень Нижнего мира Незерак
      Enderman Странник Края Эндермен
      Endermite Обитатель Края Эндермит
      Mooshroom Грибная корова Муухомор
      Wither Иссушитель Визер
      End Край Энд
      Nether Нижний мир Незер

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