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Ender Dragon flying in place



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.9
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      Latest version of launcher and java
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      Ender Dragon is stuck flying in place above the end new one of the obsidian pillars. (Im in a survival world set to peaceful for all events) I first entered the End in 1.8 and this was not an issue however ended up falling out of the world as she flew by me and destroyed the cobble stone bridge I was making to reach the floating island of the End. Going back a second time the same thing happened before I was even 10 blocks away from the location I teleported in to. My third entry to the end was after updating to 1.9 and after making it to the island I noticed the dragon stuck in place near one of the very tall pillars with a crystal healing effect visable. I destroyed all the healing crystals in and attempt to possibly fix this however she stayed put so I built up to her and tried swinging with all kinds of weapons and shooting with a bow but the arrows went straight through her and fell back to the ground. The hit box shows her up there and sounds work as well as the animations for flying however nothing else happens. Ive returned one other time and it was exactly the same as before and since i haven't killed her before I have to jump off the End to return home.


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