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    • Minecraft 16w06a
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      Put the summary of the bug you're having here

      *What I expected to happen was: skelotons would be normal

      *What actually happened was: there would be a glitch that there would be
      a skeloton siting there minding its own buisness so when you go in survival it sits there so you would say lets kill it or screw around with it. But then you can only hit it once then it freezes in its idle position. so why so creepy. the skeloton on peaceful can get the best of you while mining. on rare occasions it will spawn on peaceful regardless of it being in peaceful and regardless of it spawning in the player spawn distance and last regarless of it in light. on one map 4 spawned around me me in suvival and I got traped the glitch was so scary it was unbeliveable. I dont know how to put a existing screen shot so i cant send a picture plz fix
      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. first it needs to be on easy normal or hard for about 30-1hour and 30 min to give it time to triger
      2.you need to search for one in day 'couse they wont burn in day
      3. this next one is for peaceful. once you find the glitch you can put it on peaceful then if you go in survival and mine there is A LOT but are hard to find sometimes you can get jump scared by one. try hiting it twice... Good luck doing that though

      Plz Plz fix

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