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Invincible, Immobile Mob


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    • Minecraft 15w51b
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    • Minecraft/Java: Installed using Minecraft Installer executable
      OS: Windows 10 64 bit
      Computer: HP Pavilion dv6-6123cl with factory specs
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      I found a skeleton in a desert biome who wasn't burning in the sunlight, and tried to kill it with my sword. My first hit (critical) caused no knockback, and thereafter I couldn't hit it. It makes the same noise as invisible ArmorStand or FallingSand entities when hit. I realized it was facing due south, and does not take suffocation damage or fall. It pushes back the player like a normal entity would, but is not pushed in turn. It is perfectly centered on top of the block (-209, 65, 390).

      Steps to reproduce:
      Unfortunately, random chance. Likely a bug with spawning though, so you could try simulating natural spawns above a void until one of them floats, then check all your variables and such. This is just speculation though, and, as a fellow programmer, I realize how annoying random chance bugs can be to fix. "Why couldn't it have just crashed?"

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