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Pigs do not react to wheat, dogs stay sitting if left too long or when next play.


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      Unable to feed wheat or get PIGS to follow with wheat. Dogs are working fine as long as you have them active, but if you put them into sit position you CAN activate them again but not if you have left them for too long or if stop playing and come back at a later time to play again they remain in the sit position. Also, stock when fenced in, see wheat, come to fence and seem to be pushed from behind by other stock. The stock by the fence float through the fence and then spring back into the fenced area.

      What I expected to happen was...:
      PIGS: To follow when wheat is shown, and eat when wheat is given and breed when wheat is given.
      DOGS: To become active when clicked after a period of time it has been left alone.
      STOCK(COWS,SHEEP): To stay inside the fenced area.
      What actually happened was...:
      PIGS: DO nothing, just wonder around as normal.
      DOGS: Remain sitting no matter how many times i click on them, feed them or switch game off and then on.
      STOCK: Cows and sheep float through fence's and then snap or spring back inside the fenced area. mostly happens when player is standing out side of fence and stock are trying to get to wheat.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      For dogs::
      1. once wolf has been tamed put in sit mode a leave for a long period of time.
      2. Try to activate dog into follow mode
      For PIGS::
      1. Try and feed pigs wheat
      For Stock::
      1.Try feeding stock wheat out side of fenced area

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