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Interesting rendering bug (1st and 3rd person)


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    • Minecraft 1.8.1, Minecraft 1.8.2
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    • windows 8.1, java 1.8
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      How I did it:
      1) made a world (amplified)
      2)went inside a mountain
      3)placed some diamond blocks <-- not sure if this has a difference
      4)stand next to the diamond blocks, and start moving your FOV of the horozontal axis
      5) blocks will stop rendering

      Picture descriptions:
      10: exaggerated effect on my parkour map
      1: looking in the right position next to the blocks
      2: 3rd person view
      3: 3rd person view
      4:part of the room not being rendered
      5: same picture as 4, just looked slightly to the right
      6: default texture pack
      7: blocks that are obviously in front of the player are not being rendered (another default texture pack)
      8: Diamond blocks have nothing to do with it
      9: Same thing happens with natural blocks (not placed by player)

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