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Score tag in books doesn't work with cheats off/ as non-op


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      The bug

      The score-tag in a book does not work, if you /give it to someone who is not an operator or, in a singleplayer world, if cheats are disabled. Video demonstrating the issue: http://youtu.be/QTfumET7Apo

      How to reproduce

      1. Start a world with cheats off
      2. Open the world in LAN and and set 'allow cheats' to ON
      3. /give yourself a command block and insert the command below
      4. Reopen your world
      5. Activate the command block. You should now get a book that shows the JSON-text instead of the score.

      Alternatively, you can test it on a server if you deop yourself after you entered the following command

      /give @a written_book{

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            Schortan [Mod] NeunEinser
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