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JSON code showing for non-ops (1.8.3)


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    • Minecraft 1.8.3
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    • I am on a Mac using the latest version of the OS. Java 8 I believe.
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      I am creating a server and we are trying to use books to show player stats, but to a non-op, this is what they are seeing:
      /Users/Daniel/Library/Application Support/minecraft/screenshots/2015-02-24_11.42.26.png
      And to a op:
      /Users/Daniel/Library/Application Support/minecraft/screenshots/2015-02-24_11.42.41.png
      We can try to find a way around this but I think that many people using books and JSON want this back, I have isolated the feature that is causing this: using selectors (ie. @p's Kill score) something like that causes the book to get confused. I know people have already posted about this issue but on their pages, it says solved. I am playing in 1.8.3 on both client and server.

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