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CLONE - When Selecting Join server immediately being sent to main menu



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    • Minecraft 1.4.5, Minecraft 1.4.7
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    • Edit: Confirmed with any OS.
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      Original text by Justin Pine:
      When attempting to join a multiplayer server I host on my home LAN on a separate machine (Server 2008 R2) I am immediately sent to the main menu and am unable to connect to the server until I close the client and relaunch it. After relaunching the client I have no issues connecting. There is no error message posted or log created. Checking the Server log I only see the usual server disconnect message that you would see when you typically disconnect from a server

      Addition from me:
      Nature of bug: Occurs in some servers when the client attempts to connect by double-clicking the server instead of using the "Join Server" button, does not always happen, it seems that the bug is very random, and from time to time the servers this happens with will change.

      What happens afterwards:
      After the error occurs, if you do not re-launch the client, the server MOTD will display a red message saying Communication Error, and if you try to join the server, it will give you End of Stream.




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