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Two background music stack each other


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    • Minecraft 1.7.2
    • Windows 7, 4GB ram
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      This issue (I guess) only happens in rare ocassions .
      what I expected to happen :
      Every background music must be played after another one ends .
      What actaully happens :
      (In rare occasions ) They stacked together .
      Steps to reproduce :
      1. I am not sure how to reproduce , but if this is an issue then the only way to repreoduce is :
      a. check the code
      b. Play a lot of minecraft with music on and try to listen to the background music .

      This is happpening extremely rare , I have met this issue for once only , ( don't really have an idea to record it at that time )

      More details : If it helps :
      This is happening right after I started a new creative map . Around the first music being played for half , another music played and mixed with it .
      (probably irrelevent ) I gived myself a command block , built 10 blocks of wool and destroyed them , builded a platform out of stained glass , and 1 lever . Then it happens .

      (Personal opinion : probably difficult to fixed and reproduce and ever tell that it exist . )

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