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      Here is a list i made with the bugs in minecraft 1.7 pre release

      • Boats still break easily on the first lily pad.
      • Boats only stare if you press forward.
      • Cactus misses shadow line line between flanks in the Decoration Blocks menu (also in full screen - F11).
      • Cactus misses shadow line between flanks in the item balk menu.
      • Cactus misses shadow line between flanks in small/normal screen (not in full screen - F11).
      • Trees dont grow next to tall grass.
      • Dark oak sapling only grows if there are 4 saplings placed (like the big jungle tree).
      • Ender Dragon don't always shows it getting hit (it doesn't turn red).
      • Grass, plants and trees are grown on sand on the start of a game.

      Add on:

      • Air pockets in ocean / water, amplified world maps.
      • Chest in creative inventory is open and closed at the same time.

      If I got the time ill test 1.7.1 today and make more add-on's or crosses thru bugs that are fixed.

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