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Entity/water rendering becomes noticeably jittery after ±40 000. Exclusive to 13w38 and 13w39. This is NOT a duplicate of MC-3718



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    • Minecraft 13w38c, Minecraft 13w39a, Minecraft 13w39b
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      NOTE: This is NOT a duplicate of MC-3718. Do not mislabel it without proper explanation!

      As a player travels further away from spawn point, ice blocks, entities, and water all appear jittery when the player is moving or turning.

      To reproduce, teleport to an X or Z coordinate of ±40 000. This is the minimal distance I notice it. To notice it further, just travel further away. Normally I would not be concerned, but 40 000 is not a very large distance on big servers.

      NOTE: The bug listed in MC-3718 is in regards to several texture and positioning effects that have appeared since the Minecraft Beta 1.8.

      This bug was non-existent up until Minecraft Snapshot 13w38a. It may be similar to MC-3718, but it certainly is not a part of it, since MC-3718 has been around longer.

      This bug is probably a result of recent changes to the graphics.

      Declaring this bug a duplicate of MC-3718 will only render it unattended when it may, in fact, be more easily fixed than MC-3718.

      This remains unfixed as of 13w39b.


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