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problems with animals and pens


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      In your last update, you wrote, you fixed the problem of animals escaping their pens. It seems, you didn't. I got a few pens right next to each other and frequently find some of the chicken outside their pen or in the pig pen. Also, I find my sheep in the pig pen. I am absolutely positive, they are the same, that had been inside their pen and didn't just spawn in the pig pen as I colored them. Also I noticed, the chicken get stuck in the edges. I tried to mate two of them and sadly, they couldn't, as they were stuck. They just stood there and looked at me, hearts appearing but didn't move. Hitting them didn't help either. I finally killed them and shortly after that, other chicken got stuck in the edges. Oh, and my cows managed to push other cows out of the pen, not just pushing them out and they fling back in, but pushing them out and they stay out and walk away. Hope, you can fix that soon. Sorry for my bad english, I'm no native speaker.

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