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The animals are still escaping their pens.


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      What I was expecting was that the animals were to stay in their pens and if glitched out they were to pop back in like they do in Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition.

      What actually happened was they kept glitching through the fences and I need to go and lure them back into the fence with the other animals.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. I built my bens (Fences 7x8 and 1 gatedoor)
      2. Lured the animals through each fence gate to where they belonged
      3. They glitched out
      4. I had to lure them back into their fence

      It keeps happening and it's getting really annoying, one minute I'll have 3 pigs, the next I'll have 1 and the other 2 will be wondering around outside of their fences.

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